Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Taco Tuesday!!!!!!

Yeah motherfuckers......... we did it again and this time we busted out close to 200 miles, covered 5 counties and 2 states all by noon.  Then it was Hot Tacos and Cold Pacifico. All before the thunderstorms hit us.  I'm thinking this may have to become a tradition "TWO WHEEL TERROR AND TACOS" Road too F-N fast to take any pictures. Sorry maybe you can join us next time.......might have to do a weekend run so more folks can join in.  Thanks go out to my homeboy Crazy Carol for leading  us on a righteous back roads twisted up fun time and to the DDM for scoring the Tacos.  Later Fellas......



Damn. If you're thinkin 200 miles that means I'm closer to 300 for traveling down there and back. Shit was insane. Hats off to carol for leading us through the country. You forgot about the milk shakes! Thanks homie.

WHITEY said...

Word. Can't wait till the next time.


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