Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So now that I have time (sitting in a gas station parking lot bc I just got pulled for no tail light and riding on a permit with no licensed driver around) it's been a busy few days... Revenge run 2 was killer. Alot of broken things this year but people still had fun. I know I did. Was good to party and have fun. Good to see old friends and meet new ones. Drank way too much. Didn't walk around enough. Once me and Cyril broke away from folks we hit some super speeds. I mean I don't think we went below 110mph. Was good to get some riding like that it. To everyone. Thanks. Shit was super fun! Don't know what else to say. Justin just came and got my ass. Guess the dyna is upset she's leaving. Yes she is goin. I'm gettin some cash and a 73 xl for her. It's goin to a good guy for a good cause. Owell I'm fucking rambling. Thanks for listening to me.
DDM over and out.

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