Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Revenge Run 2

Alright I finally got some time to post some pics from the Revenge Run.  I didn't get as many as last year and a lot of them didn't come out since I insist on taking pictures while trying to ride at the same time. hahaha
Brock was chillin after finally making it to the ferry after his bike ate a fuel filter.

On the ferry going to Ocracoke Island

Crude Crew campsite C13

There was a shit ton of people at this years run.

The man we all owe a "Thank You"  Thanks Tim.

Getting ripped.

Bon-fire on the beach

Catfish chillin on the ride home

action shot

Poppa Steve rescued Justin's bike and brought him his own chop to ride home.. This guy is Solid Gold!!

Justin riding home on Poppa Steve's pride and joy.

The Deputy Death Monkey 

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