Sunday, April 24, 2011

in the market for a dyna s.

Had a damn good time on the revenge run, just like last year, met some stellar folks, gave my liver some punishment, and killed some brain cells . . . along with a fuel filter melting in my fuel line, my ignition gave me some trouble, wound up havin to trailer her home as i was heading out of wilmington this morning.
after thinking my mech advance was fucked because it wasn't springing back . . . a lil more digging gave this up.
the weights have been spreading, and walking out on the pins, wearing one hell of a groove in the back of my ignition plate, all the while hanging my advance up.
it opened up the grooves and has worn this pick up plumb out.

the newly elongated gap was allowing the weights to spin off the pins and dig in to my ignition. Time for a dyna S.

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