Monday, April 25, 2011


Had a lot of fun on the run regardless of gremlins. Hung out with some great people. Old friends and new. I would like to personally thank Nevvit (sorry if i misspelled your name homie) and the guys that put the run on. I woulda been stranded outside of Columbia if it werent for Nevvit and Knuckles picking me up. Also I cannot thank Steve Thomas AKA Poppa Steve enough for helping me out and going above and beyond what was necessary to get me home. NOT ONLY did this guy drive all the way from VB to Ocarcroke in the middle of the night to pick me and my bike up but he brought his custom 79 hardtailed ironhead for me to ride back home and enjoy what was left of the weekend. Life is full of speed bumps and pot holes just like the open road. You just gotta grit your teeth and keep on truckin. Thanks guys.

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