Wednesday, April 6, 2011

allow me to reintroduce myself.

finally got around to taggin my tank, with lungs full of super skunk, blastin jigga, and pissin off the neighbors, i had my wife scroll my tank . . . spent a couple days cuttin it out of the tape, and hope to have jeffro from the geeks tighten me up with white stripe work sometime next week . . . god damn she's rite on time tho.


McMuscles said...

Dude i might have you lay some shit on my tank when its over. Maybe my lucky number or under wear size or something.

Anonymous said...

shit, that aint me man, wish i could take credit for it, but that's all misty . . . i just taped off the tank and gave here an example of what i wanted . . . she penciled it on . . . i went back over it with a sharpie, then cut it out and painted . . . it's deffinately a hack job, you can tell it when you're up close . . . but it's way better than it just being plain.


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