Friday, April 29, 2011

The weekend is upon us....


Nothing feels better at 6:30am then slamming the discs in your back together at 80mph after hitting potholes... Fuck vdot... That is all

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So now that I have time (sitting in a gas station parking lot bc I just got pulled for no tail light and riding on a permit with no licensed driver around) it's been a busy few days... Revenge run 2 was killer. Alot of broken things this year but people still had fun. I know I did. Was good to party and have fun. Good to see old friends and meet new ones. Drank way too much. Didn't walk around enough. Once me and Cyril broke away from folks we hit some super speeds. I mean I don't think we went below 110mph. Was good to get some riding like that it. To everyone. Thanks. Shit was super fun! Don't know what else to say. Justin just came and got my ass. Guess the dyna is upset she's leaving. Yes she is goin. I'm gettin some cash and a 73 xl for her. It's goin to a good guy for a good cause. Owell I'm fucking rambling. Thanks for listening to me.
DDM over and out.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Revenge Run 2

Alright I finally got some time to post some pics from the Revenge Run.  I didn't get as many as last year and a lot of them didn't come out since I insist on taking pictures while trying to ride at the same time. hahaha
Brock was chillin after finally making it to the ferry after his bike ate a fuel filter.

On the ferry going to Ocracoke Island

Crude Crew campsite C13

There was a shit ton of people at this years run.

The man we all owe a "Thank You"  Thanks Tim.

Getting ripped.

Bon-fire on the beach

Catfish chillin on the ride home

action shot

Poppa Steve rescued Justin's bike and brought him his own chop to ride home.. This guy is Solid Gold!!

Justin riding home on Poppa Steve's pride and joy.

The Deputy Death Monkey 

Taco Tuesday!!!!!!

Yeah motherfuckers......... we did it again and this time we busted out close to 200 miles, covered 5 counties and 2 states all by noon.  Then it was Hot Tacos and Cold Pacifico. All before the thunderstorms hit us.  I'm thinking this may have to become a tradition "TWO WHEEL TERROR AND TACOS" Road too F-N fast to take any pictures. Sorry maybe you can join us next time.......might have to do a weekend run so more folks can join in.  Thanks go out to my homeboy Crazy Carol for leading  us on a righteous back roads twisted up fun time and to the DDM for scoring the Tacos.  Later Fellas......


Ladies and gentleman this is Mr Steven Daly. He is a MOTO SCUM. he has a cool ass older brother who is a GEEK. I love this kid. I called him out on the beach by talking shit to him. No sooner had I sat down at the table he returned the favor by talking shit to me. The results of all this was 1- we became free entertainment for those sitting around us. 2- we ended up drinking way too much shine. 3- we felt it necessary to keep it going by eating the saturated fruit. The final result for me was I drank way too much and realized I wasn't 20somthing anymore. Stevy-boy I'll run and hang with y'all anytime. Check them out at MOTO SCUM blog. These dudes are living life to the fullest...

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Monday, April 25, 2011


Mayhem and madness.... Good times had by all

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YouTube Video

The GEEKS and a few guest heading out after some lunch on the first day of the run

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Had a lot of fun on the run regardless of gremlins. Hung out with some great people. Old friends and new. I would like to personally thank Nevvit (sorry if i misspelled your name homie) and the guys that put the run on. I woulda been stranded outside of Columbia if it werent for Nevvit and Knuckles picking me up. Also I cannot thank Steve Thomas AKA Poppa Steve enough for helping me out and going above and beyond what was necessary to get me home. NOT ONLY did this guy drive all the way from VB to Ocarcroke in the middle of the night to pick me and my bike up but he brought his custom 79 hardtailed ironhead for me to ride back home and enjoy what was left of the weekend. Life is full of speed bumps and pot holes just like the open road. You just gotta grit your teeth and keep on truckin. Thanks guys.


Although a few of our bikes suffered from some electrical issues the Revenge Run 2 was a fuckin blast. Got to meet a bunch more steller folks and hang out with some old friends. Drank to much moonshine and warm beer. Thanks goes out to Tim, Matt and the rest of the death science guys. I will have some pics posted once I can get to downloading them.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

in the market for a dyna s.

Had a damn good time on the revenge run, just like last year, met some stellar folks, gave my liver some punishment, and killed some brain cells . . . along with a fuel filter melting in my fuel line, my ignition gave me some trouble, wound up havin to trailer her home as i was heading out of wilmington this morning.
after thinking my mech advance was fucked because it wasn't springing back . . . a lil more digging gave this up.
the weights have been spreading, and walking out on the pins, wearing one hell of a groove in the back of my ignition plate, all the while hanging my advance up.
it opened up the grooves and has worn this pick up plumb out.

the newly elongated gap was allowing the weights to spin off the pins and dig in to my ignition. Time for a dyna S.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


stainless water bottle from walmart (of course its tagged) 2 npt fittings from the hardware store, and some clear hose.

drilled a hole in the top. left it tight so it would kinda thread itself

it has a npt nut on the inside

put the hose on it and sealed it for shits and giggles

looped the hose for vent

mounted to the sickle and hope to not have to use it.. Did this for the REVENGE RUN2 kinda just a precaution if i need it. Im gonna fill it up and ill let yall know if theres issues

Got my weed and fighting cock

By god I'm ready for the run


I'm ready for the run kids

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Got bored working the bar tonight so I tagged the bike.. Don't wanna mess up the paint job

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Got my shit packed!

I'm ready even if the RR2 isn't for another two days.

Oh yeah and for those that are worried about rain. These jimmies are at dicks sporting goods. Only $1.99. Hahaha I'm goin raw dog...

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Man i was so stoked that i got my sickle running that i came home and packed for the run.... Get your shit squared away... 2 days and a wake up

Bundle pack up fo grabs

One of our crude crew homies can't make it so hit me up if you need a ticket.

RR2 get ready

After the run these pics are gonna look like a Sunday school meeting. Oh yeah and I likes me some bologna samichs.

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In all my excitement I forgot to thank a couple people. Aaron for the wiring job, Cyril for listening to me bitch, and the one and only Justin for letting me steal shit from his scoot.... OGB out again

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Shes on the road and running.. A friend came by looked down and said here's the problem.... GOD DAMN GOD DAMN see you fools in 2 and a wake up.. Thanks Swede, Brock, Wes, and Will for putting up with my shit... OGB out

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Cafe Sporty

Now HERES a cafe sporty with a stretched swing arm for ya!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Those of yall that know me know how much i love my brats. My oldest is spending a few day with my folks and she calls me and say check out my facebook. Holy crap this goes way back 1982 maybe 83. Damn i love that kid... Wish i still had this board

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spreading the propiganda

So last Sunday me and brockasuarus rex rode to obx to kick it with Twisty for a bit. Traded a few stickers coozies and stories. Thanks for the hospitality homie. So every once a while I get a text of things in use. The bike is my boy Big Eric of M.S.M.C. Va. Thanks for keeping our streets safe at night and I want my va nomad sticker fool!

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