Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monday Morning Mule Knuckle

Todays Zipper Muffin is brought to you by Cool Joe Camel. First cig I ever tried was an ultra wide myself.


If you ever see these big, bad ass bikers walking down the street you better know yo roll and move out the way or youll hear some one in the crowd say.........DAMNNNNN NIGGA GOT PIZZA SLAPPED........

That sweet SWEET CHEEBA!

Leroy knows how to roll a good bone.

This is your brain.

This is your brain on drugs.

Any questions?

Friday, January 28, 2011

first and for most...

i did the last post and theres 666 post. this makes 667. ha!

oh and heres a taste of the new artwork.

heres another...

this ones for McMuscles and me.


Fat guy on a little bike...
the fender is gonna be cut way down and a short bitch bar out back but this is the FINAL idea for the bike. I work at all these shit hole ass bars damn near every night and cant hardly function till noon the following day. So today i went to the shop to just chill and wasnt even thinking about the bike. When i walk in the door Brock is standing there with a smile on his face that looked like he just finished havin sex with Angelina Jolie and she swallowed. So i get in the door and see my front end on the sickle now i have the same smile. Brock and Swede these 2 negros went to a bearing supply and tracked down what i needed to install my front end and had it all buttoned up this morning. Man i truly do love you guys but not in the homo way that Swede wishes... Thanks for looking

hey ogb...

seeing how chuck made me a hat. it inspired me to make you one. here ya go.

fender options.

dyna fever...

Cyanide and Happiness

These cartoons are great. As you can see Im fucking bored at work and throwing every piece of trash I find up here today. I could post a million of these cartoons but here are just a few.


How high does a German cut his grass? Fuck if I know but watch these old Krauts stunt on there scooters.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mayhem Music

Well I got my ticket for the Revenge Run this year and Im looking forward to cutting loose. I know most of us enjoy blaring music while blazing down the road even though it does more harm than good. Last year I recall that a lil Fu Manchu caused some 90 mph lane splittng in our crew. I have been putting together a soundtrack for highway hooligans and I found a song that made me wanna drop the hammer when I heard it. Thought I would share...
shewww... NEEAARRAHH!!

yo whitey...

really dig this xl

not sure what it is bout this bike.
but i dig it.
cant stop checking it out.

can we say NUCKING FUTS?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Waiting on my chain and new neck bearing to keep going....Damn im getting stoked...


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