Monday, January 10, 2011

so i was drinking my morning coffee and smoking a lil monday pick me up reading the morning news... stumbled across this. grabbed it from cycle source to share the news. pretty damn interesting....

During the Easyriders show at the Los Angeles Convention Center yesterday spectators got to witness history in the making. The well known Mongols and Hell Angels met and broke bread during the event. Everyone couldn’t believe their eyes and were glad to see both groups heading to the right direction. This is just a stepping stone but here at Cycle Source, we are hoping that there is a great outcome equally . We would like to thank both sides for allowing Angel Eyes to capture this momentous occasion!


Time To Fly said...

That is great news for both clubs. Hope it holds.

will g said...

Im so glad to hear this. I always lay awake at night worrying that these two groups of upstanding citizens are fussing. Cant we all just get along!


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