Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011


So me Brock and Swedeland loaded up the MAD KAW and headed south to E-City to the Gigantor compound today. Aaron started wiring my bike why i stood over his shoulder with a dumbass look on my face. His amazing better half brought out a serving tray of coffee fresh fruits and muffins. Not even an hour later she brings out OJ and home made biscuits. Super cool. I think with that kinda greasy boy chopper treatment im gonna find a reason to go there all the time. Anyways after about 3 hours of Aaron watching me stare at his sickle he offers a cure to whats been ailing me. He fired up the RAT and handed me his lid. This thing is a fucking blast to ride. Thanks again Homeboy AARON FINK

This thing needs a ride height stick like they have at amusement parks that says 6foot1 or taller. To get an idea about how stretched it is ill just say this....10 feet of chain..

Saturday, February 26, 2011


how she sits

not as small as i thought it would be

if me and Swedeland can fit you know theres plenty of room for the ladies..

Here sits the MAD KAW waiting for wiring tomorrow and carbs by mid week...

my song...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


me and ol catfish decided to blast over to raleigh 2weeks ago for the rebel son and david allan coe show. well while refueling on the nectar of gods and some chicken wings at the local hooters we witness this rare and elusive creature the mother of all critters. we actual thought that the bad ass honda rider trained a bear to ride with him. yes he and this thing were on a bike together.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

She's done!

Just finish up and went for a short ride to the gas station and back.


think im riding Special 79 on the Revenge Run.
been tryin to dial in the carb for the trip.
oh and learning a lil something bout packing lite.


runnin errands all morning. come home to find a rather large envolope in the mail box. rip it open to find these goodies. my mr t shifter knob. oh and a baltimore style t. WORD SON! THANKS FOR THE EXTRA GOODIES TOO!

The King Mule Knuckle

Thats a Crude Camel Toe.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Preach On Brotha!

I actually just found a good hook up from a TERRIFIC LAW ABIDING CITZEN, I just thought this shit was funny.

Holy Shit...

Can't figure out how to post a video yet, but holy shit... "What do you do with an old XS650, a degree from MIT and some time off from NASA....?"
This needs to be permanently assigned to the "WHY?" category...more power to him...shit works!

Not bike related but.....

What did you do at work this week? That's me up front fighting a jet fuel fire. Gotta love your job, especially when it's the only thing that gives me a bigger rush than when I'm blasting down the interstate splitting lanes at 80mph.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Conditioning for the Revenge Run

God I love these 75 degree winter days. Livin it it NC. Busted out for three hours strait on the scoot late this morning. The engine pinged for an hour after I got home. I think a beat the ol girl up pretty good. Now Im gonna start pounding the High Lifes until I start talkin caveman.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


relocated the brake reservoirs to the down tubes so i could use the mounts for a headlight. I wanted to get crazy with one but im losing patients and this one was laying around.
hacked up a stock bracket to work on the mad kaw

come out tonight...

and show some commonwealth love for some local tunes.
2 killer local bands.
jewish mother granby.

as of this morning...

blood stains by agent orange has played 768 times.
thought i might share that with you. it was the sound track in steady repeat for me and redrum this am on our transit to the shop.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This shits Offical Son

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Testing out posting to the blog using my iphone

Whatcha lookin at fool


Nice little electrical box tucked up in there nice and neatly.

Stole the idea from Gomer. I think once its on the ground you wont even hardly see it. All the electrics fit in there well. Also finished up all the welding that needed to be done.


went to the shop today and got alot of shit done. Still have about an hour or two of welding then its carbs and wiring. I getting really stoked the closer i get. I really think im within a week of being on the road barring any unseen set backs... butchered an old fender strut to use on mine.

stock brake stay re-worked

frame brace and fender mount. Had to go this route for chain clearance

top fender mount. This thing is gonna be crazy sturdy

taillight set up

final mock up. Even got a little fancy. The sissy bar is the same angle as the forks....

summer time dreamin....

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More progress pics

Also, what do you think about this headlight? Gonna run with no front fender. I am also watching a single 7" headlight on ebay. New knobbies!




Im gonna post this once a week till yall either sign up or get tired of seeing it....Im telling you dont miss this.

Chevy Astro CREEP

The Death Monkey is getting a van / Rape Mobile.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vagina Wedgie

I bet if you put your ear up to it... you can hear the ocean.

My new build

It is a Buell that I am throwin together for the Revenge Run! Ordered EBC HH brake pads, SS lines, Dunlop 616 knobbies, Pro Taper dirtbike bars, etc! Just got done rewiring, wrappin the pipes and cleanin it up a bit. More to come!


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