Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chevy Astro CREEP

The Death Monkey is getting a van / Rape Mobile.


CATFISH said...

Rape van is a colloquial term used to describe a van or similar vehicle with characteristics that make it well suited for use in enabling the user to carry out the rape of victims. These include:

1. an absence of windows along the body of the van, or windows that are heavily tinted, curtained or painted over so that those outside the vehicle can not easily see in

2. side or rear doors that open and close quickly and easily, so that individuals inside the van can jump out, seize a passerby, force them into the vehicle, and close the doors behind them

3. an open interior space without rear passenger seats, which facilitates both forcing a victim into the van and then assaulting the victim while in the van.

WHITEY said...

Bahahahaha I got a big bag of candy. hahahaha. And It is Surprise Van

McMuscles said...

Yeah technically the new term is not RAPE, its called SURPRISE SEX.

JWhite said...

Should just buy Jay's van. It's legit...


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