Monday, January 25, 2010

Two of my favorite things...

some monday tunes

got a chance to ride last night. fuck the weather was great. nothng on but a leather shirt and my cut. before i rolled out i loaded the ipod with some new devildriver. good tunes to bang your rev limiter too. and theyre playin tomorrow night at the norva. owell check this one out.


can someone please tell me what are the 3 seashells used for in demolition man. late last night the thought pooped into my head and i cant seem to figure it out. maybe im just that stupid.

Friday, January 22, 2010

latest dark custom

taken from blood falcons. been looking for pics of the latest and greatest from the factory. ha. this is what they made a big stink about? an xln with a 150x16 front and rear? god help them. or not.

suicide silence


Thinking of trading my Jeep for one of these...


My Favorite Ironhead

Thought i would follow the monkey's lead and post a picture of my favorite Ironhead ever... from smoke out X. Check out that split gas/oil tank. TRICK!
this was a local craigslist add. what a bunch of fucking douchebags!

Hello We are the brotherhood of united bikers (Tidewater). We currently have open enrollment for a few good members, who would like to ride the open road and help support our troops. We are a very Family friendly / oriented MC (motorcycle club) We are not 1% er's . We have allot of military or ex military members, we dont care what you ride, as long as your safe. We are a clean and sober club. This does not mean we dont drink, it just means we do not drink to the point of being unsafe or to make an fool of ourselves in the public eye. If your are tired of riding alone and want to come and ride with a great bunch of guys and gals than look us up here is our web site .

on that note...

Smoke Out X fun...

Friends + Booze + Boredom = Offensiveness

Funny...Funny but true.

Free to the kids....

If you ever get real bored with time to kill. Google Demotivational Posters. There are some priceless laughs on there.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Black Sun Shine Customes

Check out our buddy Brian's stuff, This guy is insane when it comes to old school suicide, heavy flake, kick only, choppers.

His blog is up and running in our links too.


Chuck Norris built a time machine and went back in time to stop the JFK assassination. As Oswald shot, Chuck met all three bullets with his beard, deflecting them. JFK's head exploded out of sheer amazement.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Deputy Death Monkey Rides Again

think im in love

The Original


I’m not encased in metal
And I do not watch TV
I like my motorcycle
Because it helps me to feel free
The highways and byways are overrun
With Acura gangster clones
And soccer moms in S.U.V.’s
Who are talking on the phone
Fuck the world!
Forever two wheels!
To all the crazy drivers
whipping in and out of lanes
start using your turn signals
or suck my lock and chain
Your car’s all over the road
You’ve got alcohol on your breath
It gets me homicidal
Because for me it’s life and death
Fuck the world!
Forever two wheels!
You drive like a simp
And you think you’re a pimp
In your climate controlled cage
I’ve got hostile envy and it sets me in a rage
You’d better hope I don’t survive
If you get me in a crash
Cuz I’m looking to kill you
And they call me scooter trash
Fuck the world!
Forever two wheels!


Thursday, January 14, 2010


the best afi album. man i loved this shit. its a shame they dont play like this anymore. i rocked this to surf to skate to do drugs to chill to fuck. it was an album that always played.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


this should cheer yall up.
So my buddy goes to buy a new kickstand for his bike today at the hd dealer and they want like 90 f@!*ing bucks for the thing. What are they trying to make up for the lack of bike sales by rapeing customers buying parts. He needs a kickstand not a kidney for crist sake. The factory has lost their minds.

Fuck The Factory

Me and Death Monkey rolled up to southside Harley to get some stuff for his dyna. WELL i figured i would grab a lower kickstand for my scoot since mine is too long since i strutted it and my spring is shot and i have no idea what happend to the rubber stopper thing blah blah blah. I get our sales guy CHARLIE MURPHY to pull up the part. I jokingly said watch it cost 100 bucks. Nah just 83! Fuck that, ill just heat mine up and bend or fabricate something up. I figured they would lower their fucking prices since Buell went under but i guess not. FTF!


jumpin the la river.

some may not like him. i think he builds some a the wildest bikes and is not affraid to push his craftsmenship to the limits. heres a prime example. thanks brandon.

Monday, January 11, 2010

ride the world

stole this from bloodfalcons.
this dude is just fuckin nuts and pretty damn talented.

it aint my fault

so im pretty fuckin bored at work and only been here for 30min. found this lil jewl.
thank satan i got tomorrow off.
gonna do a lil blastin round town on the bagger since cyril tightened me up with some new cams and a few other lil goodies.

CHEERS can't wait till summer GOOD TIMES, GOOD FRIENDS, and GOOD BOOZE!!!!!


Sunday, January 10, 2010


Rode for a little bit tonight. Gotta say I was loving every minute even though I felt like a Popsicle. My boy Deputy Death Monkey rode an hour home so I'm sure he was frozen by the time he got home. No doubt it is time for the weather to break so we all can start putting on the miles. FTW!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ridin Dirty!

So it was a high of 33 today and I decided to ride instead of drive over to my buddy's house in chesepeake. I layered up the threads, threw on my new full face and took off up I64, it was chilly but not bad and well worth the rush. Well, later on when I was on my way back around 6 I decided to take Kempsville the whole way and drive past Knuckleheads. Ya know that fucking "Biker Bar" didn't have a single "Bike" in the parking lot, but it was dead packed with cars. Here I was just going to see a friend 25 minutes away and decided to ride while all these hardcore bikers wanted to go to the local "Biker Bar" probably 5 minutes away from their homes and obviously thought it was too cold. One of the many things that annoy the hell out of me about many of these "Bike Owners" I see around every day. They are more interested in the "Idea" of riding a motorcycle than actually getting out there and riding um. To many of them its more of a fucking image than a lifestyle. I know I am not the only person that feels this way about these "Posers". Next weekend I am looking forward to a long, brisk, white knuckled ride out to Gloucester with my brother from another mother "DEPUTY DEATH MONKEY"! Hope the rest of you guys that read this blog can get out and ride regardless of the conditions. If you need another set of wheels hit me up. FTW!


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