Friday, January 22, 2010

this was a local craigslist add. what a bunch of fucking douchebags!

Hello We are the brotherhood of united bikers (Tidewater). We currently have open enrollment for a few good members, who would like to ride the open road and help support our troops. We are a very Family friendly / oriented MC (motorcycle club) We are not 1% er's . We have allot of military or ex military members, we dont care what you ride, as long as your safe. We are a clean and sober club. This does not mean we dont drink, it just means we do not drink to the point of being unsafe or to make an fool of ourselves in the public eye. If your are tired of riding alone and want to come and ride with a great bunch of guys and gals than look us up here is our web site .

on that note...

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Captain A.C. said...

Dont be hatin wes. The only thing that pisses me off is this craigslist ad gots a lot of wrong gramar usage all up in it.


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