Sunday, January 2, 2011


All Systems Go... The show was fun as shit and its the first time Ive seen them sober. Wes and our partner in crime Andy did enough drinkin for all of us. The weather was nice so me and the Death Monkey road the bikes out there. It was a little wet on the way home but well worth it. The venue at Hangar 09 was small and the turn out was a fucking joke but ASG brought the pain regardless of the size of the crowd. I got some good pics of the band and the drunks. Im sure the monkey has some good pics as well. Especially of this one chunky, drunk, rough looking blonde that couldnt stop fallng down. Bitch hit me in the dick on he way to floor once. ahhh Train Wrecks... god bless their little hearts!


TwistyMcFisty said...

Amplification of Self Gratification. Seen them a dozen or so times. They rip shit.

McMuscles said...

I caught um at a small ass bar at the ocean front bout 6 years back. They put on a hell of a show. Surfers from Wilmington NC turned hardcore rockers.


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