Tuesday, January 25, 2011

so the weekend...

sorta went down like this.friday got outa the shop came home and cash was intown. cooked a big spread on the grill and chased it with some cold dogs. cruised to swedes to kick it with him and brock. was nice. decided to go visit ogb at kheads. the only way to see that guy is visit him at one of his many jobs. the guy works like the last mexican. so we threw some back up there and admired a few of the girls. band was ok. dont remember who played.
got up sat morning to load up to the swap. way too hungover way too cold. said fuck it and sleep in some. got up and threw down another large meal of leftovers. then meet up with swede brock and misty. we all rolled over to the meet. ogb was there and not working. good to see him outa security tshirts. nothing good for sale. few kool bikes for the bike show. a SOA patch holder was there. was pretty scared. goofed off inside with some helmets and a few choice words. left there and stocked up on bout 100dollars of booze. pregamed at my house for the ice races.
will once the races occured i dont really remember much from there. it was more of us just sitting together busting fart jokes drinking and raising hell and chasing people away. left there came home to do some more partying and decided to roll up to the bar. newtown in was full of canadians so you can imagine me cash and brock didnt fit in. decided lets do round 2 of kheads. ran into my auntie big sis and a hot lil now burnette. was fun. saw a SOA members girl get the snott beat outa her. ha. brock changed the sign a lil. some how my pop got us home in one piece. sunday was really rough. the end. i woke up hating life monday.

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Anonymous said...

aaaahhhhh . . . i love it . . . cock randy. hahahaha


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