Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So it kinda went down like this...

Whitey shows up and on our way to the broken egg we get a call from capt caveman. He got lucky with these crazy storms rolling through he scored the day off. So him and his homeboy met up with us at broken egg for some bfast. Killer grub. Hot and very friendly waitresses. Stuffed our faces with the likes of country fried steak and eggs a few other goodnesses. Me and whitey blasted over to the screen printers lab and lined up some hoodies and some kids gear. Since we were in the area we stopped by the stealership to visit some of my buddies that are making the streets safer around va if ya know what I mean. Well just so happens we decided to play a friendly game of tag while we were there. I hooked up Eric with one of his urban kill machine. If you ever see a camy burban rollin down 64 get the fuck outa the way. Eric will run you the fuck over. And whitey decided to treat the vice president of bayside Harley davidson with a lil bumper love. All in all god damn god damn god damn good morning. Now I'm waiting on ups like a kid on xmas eve to show up with some packages. Deputy Death Monkey over and out.

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