Friday, April 15, 2011


Well its back on the road. I cant thank everyone enough to help get this bike to where it is right now. Thanks to Cyril for the fender, the motor work and finding this donor motor, Wes for the parts help and hearing me bitch, Brock for the donated thunder header (Which sounds NASTY on this bitch) as well as helping with the wiring and assembly on the build. Swede for the fab work and the donated seat. Big Pete S. for the donated gas tank. Poppa Steve for all the advice and tips. Johnny wes and brock for helping get the motor in the frame. Brimmer thanks for those bars, next time i see ya i got ya money homie. Brandon for painting the exhaust, helping with the plumbing and relieving me of my old petcock haha. IF i have forgotten anyone I am sorry but I have been riding this thing as much as i can since i got it off the lift. All I can say is this bike is PISSED OFF!


CATFISH said...

Looks awesome homie. It's good to have you back on two wheels. I bet you grin like a two year old playing with his pee pee everytime you fire that thing up.

McMuscles said...

Thanks homie.


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