Wednesday, November 3, 2010


so the OGB found out that rebel son and tin roof union are playin fri night of the virginia beach bike classic. 2 killer and super fun bands. yea shits been lame for the last few years. heard last year was pretty cool bc the locations different. so me and THE OGB were banging the idea of tryin to do something. well the dates are april 29th 30th and may 1st. its camping. so should be pretty fun. im a firm supporter in shit is what you make it and if you surround yourself round fun people anythings possible. im gonna line up 5sites for us. hoping to get more like minded individuals like us and take that fucker over. let me know what ya think. if youre game for it get with me and lets get sites all together. as far as i know camping registration is not up for it. plus theres some kool riding out that way. so i'll keep yall posted if youre up for it.

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Julie said...

You can make your camping reservations for the VBBC online at or they are taking reservations if you call 757.426.6241 8am-4pm Weekdays.


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