Saturday, November 27, 2010

got this from death science tim . . . wound up bein too small for my hell machine . . . .
so i take this $300 mustang seat, and give it a lil love.

after stripping the foam and grinding the rivet heads down . . . the fat practically trimmed itself.
these damn flap disc wheels are worth their weight in gold, the amount of metal you can remove, and shape is astounding . . . gonna wait til after christmas, then take my recently purchased seat and this pan and see what the upholstry shop can do, hopefully they can make it look just as good, just proportionally correct for my scoot.

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McMuscles said...

Looks good man. What you plan on doing with that two up seat? Id like to just see how it looks on mine before i purchase my lepera. Im having trouble envisioning what size seat i wanna rock.


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