Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veterans Day

Found a few old photos of family and me serving this great country....THANK YOU to all those vets and current sailors, soldiers and airmen. My Pops did two tours in Vietnam and no one ever told him thank you when he got home, so I was raised to and will raise my kids to ALWAYS HONOR OUR VETS!!!!
My Pap Pap leaning on the truck, Iwo Jima 1945

My Pap Pap about 1945

My Great Uncles Joe and Jack 1945

My Pops, Sea-Bees, Phu Bi , Vietnam 1969

My little Brother 1999

Me catching a ride with the Columbian Military, 1997
Me on top of my P-19 parked on the runway in front of a C-130, 1997

Just finished an eight hour night watch in Columbia, S.A., 1997

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Anonymous said...

Proud to be a daughter,cousin,wife and mother of some wonderful vets!


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