Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well since the CRUDE CREW was there so was the SHINE

Tryes friends dodge

Boyces rod

DublD's fresh paint

Treys slabside

IGOR threw down some welcome stripes for SWEDE

Igor doing his work

Wes's OIF Bonnie

This one belongs to a graybeards lady...and yes she kicks it

This guy is going for land speed record..estimating between 180-190mph

Pops brought the ironhead

Knife Mark's Trumpet

A SWEDE built chop

Had the grand opening at SWEDES shop today and it went pretty well.. Free beer and burgers brings out the best in bikers. Hung with some close friends and met some new cool cats. Sorry if i dont remember all the names the 80's were ruff on me. Anyways heres some shots. Hope you enjoy, if not take some advice from DEATH MONKEY and FUCK OFF AND DIE......


GeekDublD said...

bike took a shit on 264 crossing the E-river, nowell came and got it. other than that it was a good day.

EDIT: holiday's rod, not boyce.

McMuscles said...

Damn wish I coulda made it out. Looks like a good time.

2 shovels said...

Had a great time...good to meet some new dudes!


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