Monday, November 15, 2010


I know not many of the guys that frequent this blog surf. Ive surfed since I was 12 and it is the other biggest passion in my life next to bikes and skating. I feel its risky "charge it" attitude goes right along with skating, splitting lanes or listening to hard sinful music. Two weeks ago the world of surfing lost a legend at a young age. Andy Irons died at 32 after a short battle with dengue fever. He was known for his aggressive style of surfing and his MANY championship battles with squeaky clean Kelly Slater. His anti-conformity attitude and style is the reason many including myself looked up to him. After taking a year off he was mounting a comeback this year on the world tour but met his end at the hands of fucking mosquito. The sport will never be the same and he will never be forgotten.



Well said... being from FL, I've always been behind Kelly, but always had much respect for Andy amd his brother. Andy brought back a dimension that hadn't been seen since Mark Occhilupo's heyday...

2 shovels said...

I LOVE surfing.
Its still kind of hard to believe he passed.


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