Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tail Template

I need some opinions. This is the first template I have made for the tail section. Once I get it nailed down the next step is metal. I had to raise the seat pan up about two inches so Im not bent over too much reaching the bars. If you guys can give me any advice, opinions or tips I will really appreciate it. Thanks.



... I'm digin' it! On the raised seat pan, did you account for the thickness of the faom you'll use when ya get it covered? Anyhow, that shit is gonna be tits!


damn man i like it..You can hide your electronics under the raised area. You think maybe round it a bit from whereit touches the frame to where it comes down..kinda follow the tire a bit...Im really liking this Justin

Anonymous said...

shit, chopper wire that nigger and you won't have any electronics to hide . . . that looks so fuckin cool man.

McMuscles said...

Thanks for the ideas guys. I think Im going to make another one and use a fender as the base for the tail. Then make the seat pan and rear tail off of that. Ill post up when its done.


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