Tuesday, October 19, 2010


had to play catch up on saturday after work. had a total blast. big thanks to the death science crew and ralph for putting this on. i cant thank yall enough. jeff, jay, geno, josh thanks for the beer. yall bastards wouldnt take any money so next time out shits on me. ralph i think you bought me some booze too so when i come down there nights outa my wallet. saw some folks from the revenge run. good to see ya again. haints yall fucks are crazy. good to meet yall. philly matt hope ya made it home safe and i should be round that way in nov. wes keep in touch. a tipped over bike. a tweeker running her car through the camp site made shit even more exciting. the debauchery that took place inside the bar was interesting to say the least. the local fuzz was pretty cool. the ride down was killer. weather was nice. homeward bound was a lil trickey considering how drunk i was still and i had no kickstand so i couldnt eat or even piss at gas stops. im sure theres more in my head but owell. thanks again to all that was there. it was a fun and rough 24hours.

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