Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I met Josh on the REVENGE RUN back in April. Hes the kinda kid that as soon as you talk to him you realize that hes a good dude with a legit motive. He doesnt get tied up in any bullshit and hes willing to help out no matter what. After riding with him and the GEEKS a few times you kinda become friends, He invites us to his guy fest cookout bachelor party. The entire backyard was filled with home built and purpose built sickles. We go into his shop where hes working on his buddys single lung BSA. He reaches into the rafters and pulls out a vintage AEE king and queen seat that he scored from a local gray beard and says "im gona build a bike around this" fast forward a few months and word spreads that Josh scored a basket ironhead. Heres what happens when you put cool parts in a cool kids hands... This build looks like it just fell from the pages of a 70's chopper mag. Great job Josh

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