Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tennessee style

Well if you know me you probably know I lost my grandmother this last week. She lived a long amazing life and would have been 92 this January 1st. She had some great stories from growing up during the depression to working in Oakridge Tennessee on the Manhatton Project building the Atom bombs we dropped on Japan in WWII. Her resting place is next to my grandfather in Wartburg Tennessee. Its about 45 mins west of Knoxville in a valley. This place is heaven and words cant convey its natural beauty. My 2nd cousin who is older than my father was nice enough to let us stay with him. It was a real treat because this guy loves old british bikes. He has 12 bikes in his garage (Tennessee doesnt have personal property taxes). The list is 2 1969 and 1968 triumph daytona 500's, a 1979 Triumph bonneville 750 special, 2 BSA blue stars, a BSA Thunderbolt and a BSA lighting all from the 60's. Also a 1970 Norton Commando 750 fast back which is my favorite. He is also the original owner of a 1968 BSA Spitfire 750. He said the Commando and the Spitfire are the 2 fastest bikes in his garage. Other than the Spitfire he found all of these bikes in barns, sheds and garages in need of down the the frame restoration. He does all the work himself and restores these bikes to original stock condition. I took pictures of everything but something happened to my camera phone that I used and i lost all the pictures. I managed to post a few pics on facebook before the gremlins stole my pics. I got a picture of that Norton with a couple BSA's behind it as well as a couple pics of the landscape. The trip was bittersweet because of the death in my family but the sights and memories made it good for my soul.



welcome home little brother... i hope you and your familia found peace... thats a bitchin collection right there. i hope you didnt upset him by telling him how you would chop those shinny sickles up...

McMuscles said...

haha actually man 2 of those trumpets he wants to sell to me. If i got them i would leave um BONE stock.


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