Thursday, December 29, 2011

60's period flames on an 80's EVO??

what is this nigga thinking? won't be featured in my own magazine with such debauchery.

zHahahahha man i'm fuckin around whichyall, hope nobody's butthurt. if you are . . . fuck ya.

got an insanely rad xmas present from my dad . . . had igor highlight the flames, shit turned out pretty fuckin hot . . . thanks dad.


CATFISH said...

What, not period correct? Doesn't anyone give a fuck about the rules anymore?!!! This is not Nam, Smokey. It's motor bikes. There are fucking rules. bahaha!

I dig the tank. Your bikes are always badass, so I can't wait to see the completed build.

McMuscles said...

Flame jobs are timeless. Just like hand jobs.

JWhite said...

Dude I'm kinda relieved you got Igor to outline those stripes. Turned out way better than if my shaky ass did it. Looks good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man. I'm an impatient fuck. Still got a side panel with a old school jack Daniels style number 7 on it that I need striped if ur interested.


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