Sunday, August 14, 2011

La Familia

This weekend was all about family and my extended family. The Crude Crew helped my folk with some projects around their house and then we all celebrated with lots of food, booze and beer. McMuscles broke the record for B-B-Q sandwiches by eating 10. Holy shit was what we said and he was screaming from the crapper the next morning. Haha. We chilled on the porch and finished the night off with a little fire in the back yard. But most of all I want to say thanks to Poppa Steve, Dan, Wes, Johnny, and Justin for coming out. Wish those that had to work could have made it. Maybe next time. FAMILY FIRST!!! and this weekend proved that. THANKS GUYS

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McMuscles said...

I had a blast man. Tell your folks thanks again for the hospitality.