Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's been slow

Progress but after some serious paint work on the cases, jugs, and heads then some powder coated rocker boxes we finally got the motor sorta together. With the help of a case of coores original, a case of tecate, a few safety meetings Brock, and buzzard the 73 is finally making some progress. Brock did some pointing and grunting and some how I managed to understand what he was tryin to say and we got the bike completely replumbed. It was slow and steady you can understand why if ya read the second line. Now hopefully my rear fender shows up tomorrow from the powder coater. Yea I powder coated my rear fender. My boy Jim hooks it up and is tryin to match the tank I have. Plus it was cheaper then payin a painter to do it. Once that arrives rewiring begins. Then bolt down the motor, apply pipes, safety meeting, and hopefully fire! Probly skipped some things but those are minor. Doin our best to have this jewel ready for next weeks schananagans. Owell. I'm blabbering. So on a better note safety first.

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