Sunday, September 26, 2010

underwear sundays . . . when it seems like i wind up

gettin out of bed and just hangin around the house in my boxers browsin ebay, blogs, and various porn sites . . . Although id seen the BOTTL thread on thousands of times, i never once opened it . . . until today. As i kicked down another mason jar of tea, i began scrolling thru posts, on the search for something new, something not so played out.

this is what wound up engulfing my brain, firing some pretty cool shots from one side to the other.

i sent chen a message, hopefully there'll be a crude as elvis sticker on that lid before too long . . . here's a couple snap shots of the most recent BOTTL crusade.

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TwistyMcFisty said...

I need to get that fucker down here and put some Southern Style on it!


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