Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Crude Crew RULES the wasteland!

Ive been living outta a hotel room in the MARINE capital of the USA, Quantico Va for the past 4 days. Work has had me setting up a call center for our Wounded Warrior contract. Usually I cant stand the work I do but this cause is nobel. It is a call center that helps counsel injured VETS with post traumatic stress disorder among other things. More times than not they get calls from injured veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan that are suicidal ready to cash it all in. It really brought things into perspective for me... and I thought I had problems. Any ways back to the nature of this post. In between working 12 hour shifts and eating dinner at ruby tuesdays by myself like a sad pedophile i watched a lot of motel tv. Apparently there was a Mad Max marathon on and i didnt miss an episode. So heres to the movies that inspired my love with motorcycles and rat rods. Nothing says "Mad Max" style like "Murdered" out flat black racer and a sawed off coach gun. What would the "Great Humungous" do?

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