Thursday, August 5, 2010

Please make it stop......

So i fire up the sickle to go meet Brock for some well needed lane splittin. Get a mile or so from the house and lose all power. No biggie happened before, so i changed the main fuse and fire it back up to boogie. Get a few more miles from the house and it happens again. Now i aint the smartest mofo in the world, but i know theres an issue. Go to put another fuse in to limp it back to the house, no more fuses. So whats next? How bout a 4 mile push back home. I come pushing it up to the house sweating like a hooker in church and my little one sees me. First thing she asks is did you wreck? I told her nope the bike crapped out. She runs inside the house and comes back out with a water bottle and says "here you look like you need this" Damn i love the Familia. Next step is a complete chopped down re-wire of the bike. Me and Brock are gona give it Hell. Whitey keep the cell on for the bail out phone calls.

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WHITEY said...

yo I got another homie who is the bomb when it comes to wiring up those old jap bikes. I will hit him up for a favor he owes me a few anyways.


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