Sunday, August 15, 2010 many of us have em....FRIENDS..

So Brock and the world famous Peanut City GEEK Will came out to the hacienda today to give me a hand wiring the KZ. I was really sweating it, Brock was confident and Will rode the SUZI 450 out so we could use it as a reference. With the 3 of us it went surprisingly easy and the wicked web of unneeded wiring was pulled out. I simplified it even more and made it kick only for now. This winter when i hard tail it it will get another re-wire and ill hook the starter back up then. I just want this thing back on the road for now. Thanks Cyril, and Cyrils racer friend who i don't know for the phone advice. Brock you my boy, Brock...and Will the next few rounds are on me.

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WHITEY said...

Yo, homie glad you're powered back up and ready to roll. Saturday is gonna be great havin the whole CRUDE CREW together.


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