Wednesday, August 18, 2010

its been a while since ive bitched...

so it was way too ironic... yesterday i was surfing to blogs like i typically do on my free time at the shop. i went to coc and saw where jeff posted the death to false bikers. i love that shit. i remember the first time i saw it. anyways this aint some flash back story. back to the topic at hand. i went out last night for a full on assualt on the streets with redrum and some ear candy. had a fucking blast. and youre probally wondering when im gonna start bitching. well i was cruising down the street and saw a certian group rolling down the road. well man these guys thought they were tough as nails. its funny. i dont know any of these cats and never seen them round the way. ive been in riding this area for sometime now. now this crew is full on bikers. hell i bet half them never had a bike before there patch. what has this world become? you have these cabbage patch kids running round with patches and barely able to ride a bike. i saw one of them go to take off from the red light and staled out his stock ass sportster. wtf. i mean if you cant take off from the stop light what are you gonna do in a sons of anarchy situation where you have to shoot and ride and dodge bullets and make sure your hair stays in all the right places? fuck. now dont get me wrong. im no kenny roberts on a bike. so i politely hauled ass past them hoping they wouldnt get my plate and run it and come find me bc i couldnt wait for these ass clowns to get there show on the road. i really have so much more to say about these jokers but im gonna stop. they may find me one day and pull some soa shit on me. or well if they shoot like they ride i really shouldnt be scared.

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