Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another Peanut City GEEK for you.......

These two bitchin sickles belong to the one and only Will. Mr. Happy as i like to call him. Will is always the up-beat positive type guy in our gloomy negative ass society that we live in, your own little ray of sunshine.

Now about the scoots. The first one is a 80's Suzuki gs450 that i call a chainsaw on meth. This thing sounds knarly going down the road. Will pretty much rebuilt the entire frame from scratch. He kept the neck, downtubes, engine cradle, and some of the backbone. The rest of the frame was hand made, as well as the seat. The bars were made by another GEEK Marc from KILBY DEUCE and the righteous paint job on the sporty tank was laid down by yet another GEEK Dan. (keep checking back for pics of thier scoots)

Then you have his latest build that he rescued from some field in the fine city of Suffolk VA. Its an early 70's triumph OIF 650. The subtle changes he did on this bike are what makes it so cool. The average person would never know. Once Will got his hands on it he did a complete top end rebuild and changed it to a magento fired machine. He also added a belt primary drive and trimmed the primary cover. The seat rail section was also removed. He handbuilt a new seat section to his liking and lowered it just enuff on the frame to give it the stance and look he was after. The tank is stock but im sure it will receive some lovin from Dan sometime in the future. This bike is on the street under construction as he rides and wrenches the gremlins out of it.

The days that Will's alter ego wakes up first he walks out to the go-rage puts on his full face lid and pulls out the Ducati Monster and twist the throttle...Lucky Bastard..

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