Monday, July 12, 2010

Alright all you greasy nailed, bloody knuckle, degenerates after 40 years of hard prospecting i finally made the CRUDE CREW........well not the prospecting part at least, but i did get invited to put my useless ramblings onto the world wide web. I have some rusty wheels in my head in place of the normal persons brain, so some of my post will be from who knows where. If you dont like it heres one from Deputy Deaths world...wana buy a vowel G_ F_CK Y_ _RS_LF!! Here my little parts dropppin jap crap that i run around town on. Its getting a hardtail soon 1980 kz1000

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Captain A.C. said...

Glad to see you made it on here brother. Hey i was gonna ask you what your plans are for that gas tank after you hard tail it and mount that motorcross tank on it. Reason im asking is my buddy with an 83 kz750 needs a tank and he wants to run a stocker. he is doing a cafe build. Let me know if you wanna sell it cuz he would be interested. PEACE OUT!


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