Sunday, September 4, 2011

What a day...

Me and McMuscles set off to cruise over to the eastern shore this morning. Well Brock ended up gettin with us before we left. While waiting on Brock I laid under a tree at the local Wawa dreaming of safety meetings and fried seafood and and glazed donuts. Brock showed up the One Leg Bill called wanting to roll too. So back to laying under that tree and dreaming of shit I went. Bill showed up and we where off. The ride to Sting Rays was awesome. Weather killer. Scenery amazing. What was suppose to be a breakfast ride turned into a lunch stroll bc of the time we waited. Owell. Lunch was outstanding. We bullshitted during lunch bout finding a tree to pull under and get our brains right. We found something better. Found a cove with what was a restaurant or house blown down and this raised exposed cement foundation. Rode up on it with the bikes and snapped a few photos. Well we sat on the ground discussing the finer things in life and got our brains recalibrated. After bout 2hours of dreaming and rambling we decided to head on home. So south bound we went. Fun ride. Great folks. And a few pics to boot.

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