Monday, September 19, 2011

Redneck Rumble 2011

Made the redneck rumble, in lebonnon Tenn. this past weekend. It couldn't have been any better. The weather was absolutely perfect, the turnout was phenominal. Ran into accouple of old friends, had such a good time camping with my family. There were more rat rods, hot rods, and other crazy shit running around down there than you could shake a stick at. If you've never made this event this is a true, genuine no attitudes good wholesome time. I cannot wait til next years. I wish i had taken more pics, but here's a few good ones that i did get.

hooked up with an old friend, (doug) his girl was cool enough to pack this around for me so i wouldn't have to worry with it bangin around on my bike while carrying it around. Placed #4 out of the dirty dozen. Big thanks to fred for the paint, i'd be willing to bet my left nut my bike wouldn't have gotten half the looks had it not been for his bitchin paint.

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