Monday, March 21, 2011


so seeing how damn near 99% of my crew has torn down their bikes over the winter im left to doin a lot of riding by myself. or i have to travel to some far away land to ride with someone who has the same riding style as us. now before some people get their panties in a bunch and seem like im calling people out im just funnin. growing up on dirt bikes and workin at a sport bike shop and ridin those death traps you cant help but to pick up some real bad habbits. shit happens.
ok. enough side trackin. so i call whitey up last night and tryin to set some lucifer motorcade up on tues and hes got a small window of opportunity. word. so im jumpin on redrum and doin a night rider and heading to ecity. maybe blast a few beverages and stare at his unfinished ironhead and listen to devil musik and gossip and dream of chopper glory and eat unhealthy food and tell lies bout our past. you know. do the shit we all do. lookin forward to some reckless endangerment with my homeboy. figured id share that with the world.
now fuck off and eat shit sammiches.

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