Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Smoke Out WHAT!!!!!

Yeah for those that didn't attend you didn't miss much. Not trying to bash the event but the yuppies are destroying it. We did get to hang out with many of our friends and family. Deputy Death Monkey's and my Pops both attended. Fuckin RAD for sure. We hung with our friend from FNA and Black Sunshine and Koeler Kustoms and Bar Customs. (Whats Up Fellas) So all and all the people we know made it great. Although the Revenge Run ruined it for me and I heared that there may be a Moonshine Run in the near future. Like some time this fall. Come on Ralph and Tim hook us up. More on that to come. Till next time here's to splittin lanes and haulin ass.........

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Anonymous said...

Ya'll are HOT!!