Friday, March 12, 2010


Alcohol fueled heavy metal crazed
Psycho is a word I know
Headbanging, fist slamming
I got a taste for breaking the law
Fat slappers, dirty mingers
Round ‘em up, feed them to me
Headbanging, fist slamming
I’ve got to cure this heavy metal disease
Heavy metal and a belly full of whiskey
I turn the volume til the speakers explode
Skull heaven dirty denim
Beer and weed is all I need
Sex addict, I’m always at it
My bitches moan when I pull away
Stomach ill, another pill
I need to cure this heavy metal disease
I’m a heavy drinking, heavy metal
Psycho sex machine
Give me the beer
Give me the bitches
Give me the drugs
Let me trip out on your love!

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