Thursday, February 11, 2010

FTW because I'm Insane!!!!!!

I love motorcycles because they make me sane.

They give me the insanity I need to keep from going crazy.

I like the feeling of being on the edge of death.

It keeps me sane.

I enjoy doing hole shots in down town traffic.

It keeps me sane.

I enjoy blasting down the center line at 100 mph.

It keeps me sane.

Forever Two Wheels because I like riding wheelies and doing hocky stops.

It keeps me sane.

Forever Two Wheels because it keeps me sane.

by: Whitey

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Captain A.C. said...

I agree brother. Im just looking for something that makes me grin. People in traffic must think Im insane because everytime i get a little bit of space in between me and the next car i hammer down. I dont know how else to ride. Bikes are meant to be pushed to the edge, thats why i ride it that way. Bikes are the most minimal form of transportation, just a motor and 2 wheels and im strapped to the top of that bastard! I think thats why i like chopped bikes, you take off all that bullshit that you dont need. Fuck a fairing and a fender. If it dont make me go then its gotta go. On a bike youre a split second from becoming a blur on the horizon or a stain on the pavement, Balancing on the edge of raw excitement and death. People who dont ride dont understand and people who do dont need to put it into words. Its just a feeling like no other. always puts a smile on my face.


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