Wednesday, June 6, 2012


So our good friend Fred over at FULTON PAINT WORKS needs some brotherly love. His mom is Ill and fighting her disease. Unfortunately the bills are adding up. Fred is not asking for handouts, he has something to offer in return. He's painting a few tanks and a full set consisting of tank, crazy frank fender, and a new seat for it.. Everything he is doing he is gonna auction off with the money going to his moms bills.. Let me tell you his work is top notch and he is a great person as well.. Please feel free to repost this on any blog, Facebook, or other social media to get the word out.. Let's help his mom out.. Thanks..

Here's a sample of his work.. Check out the auctions at

Respectfully submitted by OGB for your reading pleasure. CRISS CROSS BARS AND 13 STARS!!!

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