Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunday Stroll

I've been busy as hell getting ready for my spawn to be born so I haven't taken any weekend rides in a couple weeks. One weekend we were gonna ride over to the Eastern Shore but the gremlins stopped us. Well Sunday Brock and I decided to make a trip up to Richmond to hook up with Fred Pinckard of Fulton Paint Works. When we arrived he showed us some of his latest creations from the paint booth and I gotta give him his dues, he hasn't lost his touch. This guy is CONSTANTLY progressing with his ideas and abilities. Check out his work here. We took a few pictures but mostly just rode as much as we could. We headed up to ALAMO for some bad ass Texas BBQ then Fred took us on some really nice back country roads around the Richmond area. We took the long way every chance we could and Brock estimated we must have put around 300 miles on our bikes before it was all said and done. Good weather, good food and good friends. We definitely found what we were looking for on our Sunday Stroll.Mr. Pinckard
Freds Sportster


WHITEY said...

Hell yeah


Man that's two bitchin lookin street raping machines right there!!!! Fuck period correct!!!