Thursday, March 15, 2012


Hank 3 was right on time.. The dude flat out kills it and keeps you entertained the whole it was a whose who there and we got to see all the fine fellas.. The GEEKS were there in full effect.. Hart, Boy Band, and Power factory Josh.. And all our boys from the local 81 were out to enjoy..

We started with some pre game at the Monkeys house which involved some gods nectar and trees.. Then we piled in a car 6 deep like mexicans running for the border.. Once we got there my night got interesting real quick.. A phone call from the homefront saying the front porch was on fire!!! Holy shit!! Hauled ass home to find that my old ass plastic front porch light had started to burn and did a touch of damage.. Once I found out my awesome lady had it under control I boogied back to the show.. Let me tell you this.. You know it's a good fucking time when the Tubby1 takes his shirt off.. It just screams I've come to party..

Respectfully submitted by OGB for your reading pleasure...FUCK THE FAKES

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Danny D. said...

hell yeah good times man.