Saturday, December 18, 2010


got started on the hard tail today. Really stoked how things are coming along. Here's a few shots from today ruff mock up
bottom rails are done

Swedeland as he now known as laying it down for me


redneck jig. This is how we got the stretch out back as well as the height i wanted

took the stock swing arm positioned it where i wanted it. Welded the axle bolt to the frame. Then centered the rear with by sliding it on the axle bolt and used a laser for backbone center. Then tacked it in place.

this was the start of finding stretch and ride height. I think i have plenty of clearance. 6 inches at rear of motor and 7 at the front of motor. Stay tuned for part deux. Choppin more monday


will g said...

you'll be back on the road in no time bud!

McMuscles said...

Damn thats looking good man. Youre gonna beat me on my build.


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